Oldschool pickup is dead. Completely Outplayed, Outdated and Overrated.


What many PUAs and "Dating Gurus" teach relies on playing manipulative mindgames with women. Designed to spike women's emotions artificially and get a reaction out of them so they'll like you.

Sure, it often works... but not on the best type of women with high and healthy self-esteem.

However, because it's highly disingenuous and inauthentic, (and because you have to pretend to be someone you're not) it won't get you very far in the long run. Since quality women smell such bullshit a mile away and will eventually leave you!

Makes sense, right? And if you're like me, you don't want to trick women into liking you. You'd rather show them who you really and and have them like you for you, right?

That's why I'm going to show you a way of seducing women that's infinitely better than manipulative bullshit.

A completely new and powerful way to consistently attract and seduce women by unlocking the potential of YOUR OWN personality. And then making the most of it...

To Become A
Genuine and Authentic Sexual Man
Who Women LOVE.


how to have an awesome first date saulisdating




Here's some of the powerful and valuable knowledge you'll learn from reading The Saulis Dating Guide -- How To Consistently Get Laid On The First Date:

Greencheck The Complete, Step-by-Step Blueprint of a Successful Date: From meeting the girl on your date to having fun with her, attracting her, connecting with her, then seducing her and taking her home!

Greencheck How to fix your Body Language, Tone of Voice, Posture and Eye Contact without spending several months practicing it, instantly becoming 10x more attractive to women! (This one thing alone is worth the price of the book and this incredible posture lifehack was shared with me by one of my lovers, an award-winning Russian dancer. Yes I love to brag sometimes :D)

Greencheck My secrets on how to quickly build Attraction, Sexual Tension, Comfort, Trust, and Rapport with women on dates -- The main things that make women addicted to being with you!

Greencheck Two full examples of voice-recorded and then transcribed dates, from start to finish, which show exactly how I get laid using my System from start to finish, with very insightful comments along the way!

Greencheck Something CRUCIAL you must do to decisively deal with fear, anxiety and other insecurities which hold men back from talking and flirting with any woman successfully!

Greencheck A full section on getting into the proper mindset before going on a date (This is critical for stopping anxiety!)

Greencheck The single best way ever discovered to get women interested in you and your hobbies! (Even if your hobbies are nerdy or geeky, like mine are!)

Greencheck My exact method to becoming comfortable in your own skin and developing your masculinity without changing yourself or acting fake!

Greencheck How to become outcome independent, confident, fun and exciting on dates by doing something most men don't dare to do! (The answer is very surprising and completely counter-intuitive... but SO... DAMN... POWERFUL!)

Greencheck How to turn a girl on with your physicality and sexual conversation to create MASSIVE sexual tension, so she'll want to sleep with you HERSELF by the end of the date! (Some women won't be able to take the tension and will invite you home right away... or even drag you to the venue's bathroom for a quickie!)

Greencheck How to effectively Flirt with girls, and then obliterate any Shit-Tests they may throw at you to test your character and resolve!

Greencheck The biggest and deadliest attraction-killing mistakes many guys make on dates you MUST avoid (or your date will be over and the girl will never sleep with you!)

Greencheck How to overcome the single most difficult aspect of taking the girl home and how to quickly deal with any Last-Minute Resistance she might put up just before sex, using two unique and unknown but ridiculously effective techniques I personally developed!

Greencheck Specific conversation techniques to essentially never run out of things to say when talking to women on a date, even if you hate small talk or are naturally introverted!

Greencheck The one CRITICAL thing you must do to command attention and respect during your dates so women take you seriously!

Greencheck Several powerful ways of Teasing women that are guaranteed to spike enormous attraction and lust by using your genuine sense of humor!

Greencheck And, most importantly, I'll teach you how to set up a Genuine and Authentic Frame with the girls you date, so they like you for you, are always honest with you, trust you, and feel as if they've known you forever (THE MOST IMPORTANT THING in all of seduction which will change the way you interact with all women forever!)

Now, would you like to be able to do all of the above to date and sleep with as many women as you want?

Well, these are just some of the things you'll learn from my book! Along with the exact and repeatable pattern I've personally used on literally hundreds of girls to take them home from some venue and straight to bed.

Sounds awesome, doesn't it? Seriously, this is some really powerful stuff.

So I hope you're someone who's honest and upfront about wanting casual sex with women you meet and have great first dates with. Because most women will want you to be their boyfriend after you sleep with them, and will get really angry with you if you lie about your intentions.

This happens time and time again after going through The Saulis Dating Guide and finally understanding how to have successful first dates the smart and fun way.


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I'll never get tired of reading all the different success stories I receive from changed men who previously thought they were HOPELESS. But who now write to me about yet another amazing first date they had and how they ended up sleeping with a really hot girl.

My friend, even women say my material is great:


Saulis Dating Guide review


Isn't that awesome!? Are you starting to see the power of what I'm showing you?

This is the Next Generation of Pickup and Seduction -- being your Genuine and Authentic self while exuding a flirty and sexual vibe.

You get the girl not by using "tricks" and "lines," but rather by supercharging your natural personality, wit, charm and humor and then engaging with her as equals. So she actually likes you for YOU.

With that said, I can promise you one thing: No matter what level of success with women you're currently at, by investing in yourself and reading my book, and then applying the material inside on your dates, you'll quickly notice much better results.

And if by some weird reason none of this works for you? YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK and go on living your life with TONS of new and useful knowledge on how to be socially confident with people in general. 

I wish back when I was starting out and struggling with women, someone would have come along and gave me an offer like that -- I would have jumped at the chance right away!

So seize this one-of-a-kind opportunity and INVEST IN YOURSELF RIGHT NOW, RISK FREE, to finally get the success with women you know you deserve! 


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How to have a great first date every time


Listen: I'm sure you probably have a few girls RIGHT NOW who you're very interested in . . . So don't screw this up!

If you meet them and do the usual stuff that doesn't work, you're just going to end up exactly where you are right now -- frustrated, alone and more likely than not, completely miserable . . .

I understand really well how fucked up that feels because I was at that place before. Where I was almost ready to give up on myself, on women, and dating. Because I thought there's something fundamentally wrong with me and that I'm unworthy of love... Thinking things like why does everyone else have girlfriends and lovers but not me... And that shit brought me to tears many times because I felt helpless and hopeless...

So screw that feeling of helpesless! I don't want you or anyone else to feel that way and miss out on all the fun you could be having with the many different women in your life! I know what you're going through is difficult and I don't want you to lose great relationship opportunities when it's so easy to have it all, once you understand how authentic seduction works and how to have a great first date.

Back when I was starting out, I used to think sleeping with many beautiful women was only reserved for the most handsome, rich, popular, famous, talented, confident and muscular guys.

Then I went from being a virgin at 20 (which I was really ashamed of admitting at first), to sleeping with hundreds of women every year... by using the incredibly powerful and priceless knowledge I've written down in The Saulis Dating Guide that you're about to get your hands on and learn.

So invest in yourself without hesitation and click the Big Golden Button just below, so you can take back full control of your dating life and learn how to seduce women the right way.

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Get It Right Now To Create An Endless Flow Of Hot Women Into Your Life -- Backed by a Full 365-Day No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee! 


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Finally - The BIG SECRET to success with women and what to do on the first date


Here's the BIG SECRET to extraordinary success with women:

It's not how good you look, it's not the things you have or the lines you say that'll make women fall in love with you -- it's simply all about how you can make women FEEL around you!

And that's exactly what you'll learn with my material and knowledge -- How to make women feel AMAZING when they're around you and in your presence. Along with how to have a great first date every single time.

With my help, you'll learn this in a matter of days! (or however long it takes you to read this book, think over what you've read, and then read it again)

Can you imagine what a shortcut this will be to your success?

No more sexual frustration, involuntary celibacy or jerking off home alone while others get to have all the fun . . .

No more wasted time and money on endless dates that go nowhere . . .

Trust me; it's better to spend a few days learning all this right now than to spend a decade trying to figure it all out on your own . . . Or to neglect this part of your life completely and end up being jealous of everyone else who gets laid and has a girlfriend and gets to have all the fun . . .

I took that decade between my twenties and thirties, and did all the necessary work so you don't have to. I'm 37 now (in 2023) and in a lifelong relationship with an amazing woman since I was 30, who I've picked out of literally hundreds because of her great qualities and values.

So now it's time for you to stop missing out on life!

My friend, if you're a genuinely good guy and you want this opportunity to have as many casual or serious relationships as you want with the women YOU choose, all you have to do is take it. Right now. By doing the smart thing and investing in yourself and getting The Saulis Dating Guide!

And just to sound like a pushy salesman because apparently this works often enough:


Do Yourself A HUGE Favor And Use My Revolutionary First Date System To Get Your Love Life Handled Once And For All!


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how to have a successful first date


Simply put, my book will shave YEARS off of studying the art of attraction and seduction.

It'll also save you a huge amount of time and money that you'll be able to use on something else you enjoy!


Time To Answer Your Questions!


"Why spend money on this when I can just learn everything on my own?"

Well, to be blunt -- you were already doing things on your own up until today . . . How's that been working out for you? Are you genuinely happy with how your dating life is going right now?


"What if it doesn't work for me because of [insert reasons here]?"

I'll be honest here -- This will work for the vast majority of guys who are serious about getting their dating lives handled. But it definitely won't work for absolutely everyone, because that's just impossible. If this happens in your case, then make sure to use my ironclad 365-day Moneyback Guarantee to get all of your money back -- that's what it's there for! You'll still walk away with a ton of new knowledge that'll be helpful for the rest of your life, and it won't cost you a penny.


"What's the price, anyway?"

I'm glad you asked! It's only $39, which is less than the price of a good dinner date these days! In my opinion, it's a very small price to pay for the years of pleasure, power and happiness you'll get in return. I'm seriously considering raising the price much higher very soon because I've put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this!


"What happens after I click Buy Now?"

You'll be taken to a Secure Checkout Page, powered by PayPal, where you'll be able to pay either using a credit card (no account required!) or by using your PayPal account. After that, the book will be immediately emailed to you, and you'll also receive an active download link which lasts 24 hours.


"You make it sound like this book can perform miracles and will solve all my problems! Is that true?"

No, this book definitely isn't perfect and has several faults. For example, it doesn't teach you how to approach women and get their numbers. It only teaches you what to do on a date with a woman after you get those numbers and set it up. But you can get info on how to approach women and get their numbers on my blog! Also, this book probably contains some spelling and formatting errors, since I did everything on my own.


"Can I get a discount?"

No. Unless you pay with Bitcoins (or other cryptocurrency), in which case it'll be 10% less. Email me if you want to pay with crypto.

That said, if you're a poor student who lives off of ramen noodles and is in great debt, I can send you my book for free. Write to me about yourself, tell me why you want and need this knowledge and convince me that you'll actually use it to better your dating life. I'll expect honest testimonials in return. This only applies to guys between 18-24 who are in college/university/school/etc. and can't afford anything.


"You said you'll show how a Genuinely Good Guy can get many women in his life... What if I'm not a Genuinely Good Guy?"

Well then you can just fuck right off! :D I'm serious about this stuff being powerful and having a strong effect on women. So if you're a bitter guy who's out to "get revenge on women" or to hurt them in any way, then this book is DEFINITELY NOT FOR YOU!


Here's why I'm the perfect person to show you how to have a great first date every time.


how to talk to girls

That's a recent picture of me with my girlfriend and our lover.

Here's what I bring to the table:

-- I spent all of my 20s actively learning and practicing pickup and seduction in the field, amassing over a decade of extensive experience. --

-- I had severe social anxiety up until I was 20 and learned how to DEAL WITH IT. Ever since, I've been deeply interested in psychology (especially the psychology of attraction and interpersonal interaction) and became friends with several licensed Cognitive Behavioral Therapists who help me with explaining psychological concepts to people. --

-- I went on literally thousands of dates with beautiful women from around the world and saw all the same patterns of attraction emerge no matter which country I was in. --

-- I've studied most of what was available on the subject of seduction and actually tested nearly all of it in the field. So I'm the one who "walks-the-walk" instead of some lame dipshit who just "talks-the-talk." --

-- Since 2016, I've successfully changed the lives of thousands of men. Either through my 900+ articles (and counting!) with over 15,4 MILLION views combined on websites like Quora, Reddit, various dating forums and blogs. Or through my Book and during live coaching sessions. --

-- I lost track and stopped caring about keeping count after sleeping with something close to 500 women. And documented most of my success with pictures and videos for my personal pleasure and to have fond memories. (personal porn collection lol) --

Finally, while spending so long learning all this, I figured there had to be millions of others who were struggling with women as well, just like I was. And if I needed that many years of mistakes and wading through bullshit to find true success, then why not help people out and provide them with a MASSIVE SHORTCUT?

I understand I possess this powerful information and it would be a real shame for me to keep it to myself and take it to my grave.

So I took SEVERAL MONTHS from my life and my work to lock myself in my room, sit at my desk with a laptop, a pen and a notebook, and deconstruct everything which made me so unbelievably successful with women.

Seriously, my friends and family COULD NOT BELIEVE how many gorgeous women were now in my life. My roommates were often jealous after seeing me take one girl after another, or even several girls at once to my room and have sex with them, almost every day!

Looking back, it was difficult to believe how far I've come after being an utter joke with women for so long...

So I analyzed all of my experiences and reviewed my seduction process in great depth. I went over each detail meticulously until I could see and understand all of my knowledge and why it works with complete clarity. And until I could explain all of the underlying principles and laws of attraction in a very straightforward and easy way.

Finally, I boiled everything down into a very simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step System ANYONE can learn and follow.

I know this because I gave it away for free to a few friends and acquaintances to test it out. And their results changed dramatically... All of them who didn't have a girlfriend got one... and some even created a harem full of fuckbuddies to sleep with...

Now, I'm far from a dating guru and I've never even dreamed of understanding and being able to teach this stuff when I was young.

But now I can say with complete confidence that I have the intricate knowledge and knowhow to make a massive improvement in the dating lives of other men.

I pride myself on having changed the lives of so many men by successfully teaching them how they can get girlfriends, fuckbuddies, lovers and even wives.

I pride myself on my long relationships with clients and on doing what's necessary to get them to a level with women they’re completely happy with. And I also pride myself on doing my best to help almost every single guy who writes to me, even if some of them can't afford it...

My vision is to educate all men who have never been taught how to be successful with women and are really suffering because of it. So that they never have to worry about being lonely again and not experiencing the happiness of having an awesome girlfriend or lover.

Would you like such success with women as well? 

Then you're going to LOVE The Saulis Dating Guide!


Another Happy Couple Saulisdating


Another Happy Couple Saulisdating


You now have three clear choices:


ONE - You can leave this page, ignore this message and keep struggling with women, along with all the frustration it brings.


TWO - You can try learning all of this by yourself. But it'll take you YEARS of trial and error, trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. Making you waste lots of good opportunities, time and money. Remember, if you have a crappy date, someone still has to pay for it . . . And you're not getting any younger.


THREE - You can do the only sensible thing and grab this offer right now, RISK FREE and get my Book. To finally learn how to become phenomenally successful with women and get the girlfriend of your dreams. Or have as many fuckbuddies as you can handle, if that's more your cup of tea.

I can guarantee you one thing -- If you do nothing, nothing will change! So don't miss out!

SaulisDating Money Back Guarantee

No Risk 100% 365-Day Money Back Guarantee

As long as you read the whole Guide and honestly apply what you learn, if you aren't completely satisfied with the results, you'll get a full refund at any time within 365 days of your initial purchase date.

I fully stand by my product and I personally feel it's one of the most effective and repeatable blueprints available to give you a solid foundation for success with women, and the tools to transform your life for the better.


Here's some of what my real customers had to say, unedited.

Mohamed S.:

"Despite the complexity of dating process these days, this book describe all the steps very clearly. I was following a lot of PUA and reading a lot of resources like crazy! books, podcasts, videos.. And after reading this book, I don't need anymore to search for more knowlage for dating! All what I need is in the book. Attraction, seduction, sexual conversation, teasing.. and specially my best part where Andrius describe some dates and the conversations in details from meeting the girls till having sex! I can't say more, buy the book! Mohamed" [sic]



"Authentic and practical advice to improve yourself and your dating skills with no BS. No matter who you are this E-book will help you out on these matters." [sic]

(Vasilis Stefanou is an author, men's coach and CEO of www.thelifeupgrades.com, where he helps people improve their way of life.)



"I've read this book a few months ago. Gotta say the name is kinda misleading. Of course it helps you to get laid on dates more often, but it's so much more than that. There's so much useful material inside that helps you to become a better man and build your personality. You become more fun, more interesting, feel at ease and know how to handle yourself around women. Gotta say this shit tremendously increases not only your success with women, but also your quality of life.
I also enjoyed Andy's writing style and now I'm constantly checking out his blog. Great work!" [sic]



"Great book with amazing insights from someone who has clearly lived it. The advice is actionable and field tested. For the price of a date or a night out, the sections on mindset alone make it worth it." [sic]


P.S. Don't forget to drop me a line when you're done with your amazing first date with the girl of your dreams and tell me how it went!
Sincerely, Andy



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