So let's cut the crap - you're probably here because you want to learn how to be awesome with women, but you don't know how.

You probably think that you lack something fundamental that other successful guys have, and want to learn what it is.

Because let's face it; every guy would like the ability to meet, date, and sleep with as many women as he wants to.

Well - why not learn how you can BECOME that guy?


Having the ability to date and sleep with the women that YOU want changes your life for the better...

It lifts a huge load off your shoulders, lets you enjoy sexual abundance, and empowers you to choose a girlfriend that YOU want...

And, once you get this part of your life handled, it frees you up to focus on various other important things in life!

Imagine not having to worry about women ever again because you know how attraction and seduction works...


So, here's the deal - Anyone, including you, can learn how to have amazing dates where the girl ends up wanting you before the end!

ABSOLUTELY ANYONE - provided that you are serious about learning and getting this part of your life handled...

So, are YOU truly serious about this?

Do YOU want to get this thing handled, right now?

Because if not, then you might as well just beat it, get lost, and go back to a life of mediocrity and loneliness...

Women want men who are action takers, and not pussies who only wish they had what everyone else does, without doing the work!


I don't sugarcoat things - my material is NOT for passive boys who waste away at home, dreaming of a better life while jerking off.

It is for MEN who take ACTION to get what they want in life, and for those who want to take control of their own success!


So, if you're truly serious about this, then don't worry! You don't have to be super confident, good-looking, rich, or famous to succeed on your next date...

All you have to do is learn how to fix your external issues like Body Language, Tone of Voice, Posture, Eye Contact, etc...

Then grasp certain social and sexual dynamics, understand how to quickly deal with various fears and insecurities that hold you back from being able to talk and flirt with the woman you want without coming off as a total creep or a complete weirdo...

Then learn how to spike massive attraction in her, create a deep and comfortable connection, and build enough trust and rapport so that she starts to enjoy your company and wants to get to know you even more...

And finally, learn how to create and hold strong sexual tension between you two, which will make her become incredibly aroused and horny around you, thinking of having sex with you...

And, as if by magic, she will want to sleep with you HERSELF by the end of the date! In fact, she will be BEGGING for You to take her!

And after you've slept with her, she'll want to meet you again and again, because she'll think that you're her SOULMATE!

And you can do all of this while both having a fun and enjoyable time, by using the knowledge and techniques that I will provide you with!


Hold on, hold on... wait a second, this all sounds like a lot of work, doesn't it?

HELL YES, if you start from scratch and try to learn everything by yourself, attempting to reinvent the wheel!

But if you get my help, you can learn it all in a matter of days! In fact, you can start learning right now, and apply it on your very next date to have the girl fall in love with you and want to have sex with you that very same day!

No more dates that end up with nothing but wasted time, or with a peck on the cheek before you go home alone...

No more women who only see you as a sexless friend and never want to be intimate with you or to be your lover and girlfriend...

No more sexual frustration, involuntary celibacy, or jerking off home alone while others get to have all the fun without you.


Trust me; it's better to spend a few days learning all of this right now than to spend a decade trying to figure it all out on your own...

I took that decade and did all the work for you, so you don't have to - and now I can teach you how to become a sexworthy man!

I'm sure you probably even have a few girls RIGHT NOW who you're very interested in... So don't screw this up!

If you meet them and do the usual stuff that doesn't work, you're just going to end up exactly where you are right now - frustrated, alone, and more likely than not, completely miserable...

I don't want you to miss out on all the fun or to lose a lot of amazing relationship opportunities, when you can have it all!


It's time to stop missing out on life, time to improve yourself and your social skills, and learn how to do all this in a quick and easy way that's been tried, tested, and proven to be effective by thousands of men just like you who've I coached!

Below, I'll show you the key to having as many casual or serious relationships as you want, with the women that YOU choose!

And the best part is, you don't have to change your personality or who you are to learn and do all of this successfully because it's not about CHANGING yourself completely - it's about COMPLEMENTING your existing personality and enhancing it with the "Bad Boy" traits that all women LOVE and ADORE!

Get Laid on The First Date

Discover the secrets that no one ever told you about seduction - and unlock your full potential with women!

Stop relying on various tricks, lines, routines, and other useless and overused PUA techniques that weren't even made for you. Instead, let me show you something else that works without fail!


The key to being successful with women is to improve yourself first. Most men who I have come across, if they only knew how to deal with their various insecurities and self-esteem issues which hold them back first, then develop their masculinity, and then fix some external issues like body language, tonality, and a few other things - and learn how attraction and seduction really works - will eventually become VERY successful with women, and be able to easily get a girlfriend, or as many casual sexual relationships as they want.


So, let's see if this sounds familiar: You're walking down the street, and you suddenly see a gorgeous girl! She's got an amazing face, a warm smile, mesmerizing eyes, and a great body - the whole package! The most beautiful girl you've seen all week - and she's walking right towards you!


How to talk to girls saulisdating


She's your dream girl, and you want to talk to her! You want to find out who she is, but your mind starts racing. You begin to feel nervous and doubtful, and you start to imagine what life would be like together with her. What it would be like to have this amazing woman as your girlfriend, what it would be like to go on adventures with her, to share your passions and have all sorts of fun together! To have her greet you and hug you and kiss you, every day!


Then the moment passes, and she walks right past you - forever gone! You'll never see her again, but you'll probably spend the rest of the day thinking of her, and of what could have been!


So why don't you approach her, talk to her, and get a date?

And even if you do ask her out, or other girls like her, how often do you hear stuff like “Oh, you’re so sweet, but I don’t really see you in that way – I only like you as a friend…” and get rejected? Ouch!


So what's wrong? What's stopping you from getting what you want, and why do attractive women want nothing to do with you?

The answer is - you're the one stopping yourself, and you're presenting yourself the wrong way! You are your own worst enemy when it comes to success with women, but not because you're a bad person!


First, you must understand that it's not your fault. The real reason is that no one ever really taught you how to be successful with women! Not your peers, not your friends, and certainly onot your parents! No one taught you how to effortlessly strike up conversations with beautiful women, what to do and what to say to get them interested in you, get them laughing, have them enjoy your company, and then want to go on a date with you. No one told you what to then do on that date for them to fall in love with you and want to become your girlfriend, or just want casual sex with you!


But what if it didn't have to be like this?

What if when you saw your dream girl, you knew exactly how to approach her and get a date? What if you knew EXACTLY how to grab her undivided attention, get her laughing and interested in you, then get a date with her, have lots of fun together, have her fall in love with you and your unique personality, and later become your GIRLFRIEND?


Well guess what? Approaching a girl and getting a date with her is the EASIEST part of the whole seduction process! When you've dealt with your insecurities and fixed your external issues, you just walk up to the girl you like, introduce yourself, have a fun little chat with her, get her laughing so that she remembers you later, and get her number by saying that you should meet for coffee or drinks to continue this conversation some other day.

But actually having an awesome date with her later, so that she invests in you emotionally, has a lot of fun with you, connects with you on a deeper level, and feels powerful attraction and intense sexual desire for you - THAT is the hard part!

But guess what - For the past decade, I’ve been helping many men like you achieve exactly that - how to have awesome dates that lead to success and abundance with women!


So who am I and why should you trust me?

I'm a simple guy who gets laid whenever I want to - but not because of my looks, money, fame, or status. I simply learned and mastered how attraction and seduction works by taking the time to meet and date thousands of women around the world. In the end, I've slept with more women than I can count and keep track of - more than half a thousand - and now I'm in a serious relationship with an awesome, charismatic, secure and fun girl who I chose to settle down with for good. We also enjoy the occasional threesomes with other hot women whenever we feel like it. This type of life is fucking amazing, but it all seemed completely impossible 10 years ago - like a horny and lonely guy's fantasy.


Andrius Saulis

You see that dorky face? Hard to imagine a regular dude like that getting all the girls, right?


But I probably had it even worse than you, once. I was completely and utterly hopeless with women, to the point of remaining a virgin for a very long time, and not even having a girlfriend until I was 21. Seriously, in my teens and early twenties, I was too nervous to approach any attractive girl because I would completely psyche myself out and become frozen in place, not able to think clearly or even act. And even when I got into a conversation with a girl, I was too socially awkward to talk to the ones I liked, was acting like a complete weirdo, and more often than not was told that I was being creepy.


If I somehow did manage to get a date - I'd be clueless about what to do next and had no idea how to elicit any sort of attraction at all. I never knew what to talk about on dates, and what questions to ask girls to connect with them. My conversations were anything but fun, and instead were boring, awkward, and cringe-inducing. I didn't know when it was the right time to touch the girl, whether it was the right time to kiss her or if she wanted to be kissed at all. Doubt filled my mind constantly, and I would hesitate doing anything that showed any sort of intimate interest or intent in the girl for fear of her rejecting me outright and calling me a pervert.

I also had no idea when to ask her personal questions, when to talk about myself, when to flirt, when to tease, tell a joke, and everything else that people did in normal dates. I had NO CLUE how to create sexual tension to arouse the girl, and do all the other necessary things that make girls want to fuck you. I was completely afraid to express myself, thought that I have to be ultra polite and courteous, make sure that everything is as perfect as can be, never disagree with them, and never cause a fuss. In the end, I'd always screw the date up by being too clueless, nervous, safe, and awkward. Most of the time, I would never see the girl again, or if some of our interests and hobbies aligned, I'd end up as just a friend, and nothing more...


Failure after failure made me miserable, and that utter feeling of helplessness and believing that something must be wrong with me was unbearable - so I know exactly how it feels to be terrible with women and not live up to my full potential!

I watched as my friends dated around, I watched all the bad boys get the girls I was interested in, and it filled me with a lot of jealousy, anger, and hopelesness.


Why did I want to be successful with women? That's pretty simple: to have lots of sex, more intimacy, companionship, a girlfriend, and someone to be close to - all the usual important stuff that men want. Everyone around me was dating and having fun, and I wasn't. I felt like a deeply broken person, someone who is completely unworthy of relationships and love.


And after hitting that rock bottom, after crying myself to sleep for the nth time following another first and last date - I was willing to do anything to get this part of my life handled. But I didn't know where to start!


Then one day I was lucky enough to meet a man who had all of this stuff figured out. I did my best to befriend him, talk to him, pick his brain - and my whole life changed! I realized that there's nothing wrong with me as a person, and that seduction and attraction is simply a skill-set - just like any other skill that you can learn! I also realized that there was absolutely nothing wrong with personal development and wanting to improve yourself as a person, attain social skills, and get your shit together - and my journey of self-improvement started!


My name is Andrius Saulis, and I've been studying and actively applying women psychology, attraction, and seduction since 2006. I've been through the whole mess; starting from being a complete and utter joke with women to having more fuckbuddies than I knew what to do with and sleeping around with the hottest models that most guys can only dream of! And I did it all by applying what I'm about to show you next.


Awesome SaulisDating Results

That's why I can honestly tell you that you can do this too, and much, much quicker than me! How do I know that? Because I've been there and did it - and then taught hundreds of guys how to do the same!

So you can also, in a manner of days, learn how to quickly and efficiently deal with various insecurities - and then what to do on dates to get the girls that you've always wanted.


And it works for just about any country because attraction is not a choice and has universal triggers. I've slept with women from most of Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, South Africa, Scandinavia, Australia, Thailand, Japan, China, Vietnam, Mauritius, Nigeria, South Korea, Singapore, Philippines, and a few other countries. It all worked the exact same way on girls from different cultures and social backgrounds - from rich and successful women with their own multi-million dollar businessess, to cute girls next door, to ones who live in poverty-stricken slums.


There's a very quick and easy way to learn all of this - and it doesn't matter if you don't have good social skills at this moment, whether you're a complete nerd or geek, an introvert or an extrovert, or someone who doesn't have a lot of social confidence. All of that is irrelevant if you just know how attraction and seduction really works, and then improve your personality with certain character traits that are univesally attractive!

If you're an introvert, I'll show you how to become an ambivert at will, whenever you feel like being social or chatting a girl up. If you're super socially awkward, nervous, and shy, it just means that you may have to put in a little bit more time and effort into it than others. I've been a hardcore PC Gamer for most of my life and didn't develop any social skills when growing up because I was playing on my computer all day!

And now I'm one of the most successful people with women that you can ever meet! I've been on thousands of dates and slept with about half a thousand women, to the point where I just lost track and stopped caring about counting. So it's easily doable even for people who neglect to develop themselves in their youth.


But why did I choose to sleep with so many women you may ask?

Good question! I'll answer it with another one - Why wouldn't I? It simply became a natural part of my life, where I'd go about my day, randomly meet some beautiful girl, chat her up, and end up sleeping with her after having a great time on our date, most often the very same evening. Who WOULDN'T want to do that, given the opportunity? In 10 years, it added up to quite a huge number!


And you can quickly learn to do that, too! Or, if you prefer, you can simply learn how to easily find a serious and awesome girlfriend who you're compatible with, and build a strong and lasting relationship with her, if sleeping around is not your goal. But for me, after sleeping around with lots of women, that's exactly what helped me choose the best girl available to settle down with - and I'm about to get married and start a family together with her!


What can I help you with, exactly?

Tell me, at this moment, are you satisfied with your current level of success with women? Be honest with yourself, are you getting enough sex? Are you living your life the way you want? Do you have a girlfriend or even just one fuckbuddy who you can call up and meet to have fun with, whenever you both feel like it?


If not, then something definitely has to change, because you don't want to miss out on what life has to offer. Seriously, as cliche as this sounds - you only live fucking once! You don't want to end up alone and miserable, and waste your youth like most people end up doing!


Luckily, I have a way to solve all of these issues, and more!

And I'm not just saying that because I've done it myself - I'm saying that because I've taught HUNDREDS of guys of all shapes, nationalities, bacgrounds, and sizes to do the same thing. You may have even heard of me, or read one of my 700+ articles on the subjects of attraction, seduction, psychology of social interactions, masculinity, femininity, women and men, and many other subjects, on various dating and pickup forums, Reddit, Quora, Dating Blogs, etc.


Happy Couple Saulisdating


What I did now was develop a comprehensive and in-depth guide that contains an easy-to-follow, step-by-step proven system which quickly helps you improve as a person, develop attractive character traits and improve your personality, and shows you how to consistently have amazing dates with women that lead to as many casual or serious relationships as you want! It shows you how to have dates that are smooth and stress-free, where you know EXACTLY what to do for both you and the girl to have a lot of fun together and end up creating a deep and intimate connection that leads to you having lots of casual sex and developing a fucbuddies or serious relationship with her! All that, without changing your personality or becoming a jerk that treats women badly! And, without all the overused and played out PUA bullshit that only works on insecure women with daddy issues!


Apart from showing you exactly what it takes for your dates to go well and what you need to do, this new system teaches you many other crucial things, including how to develop social skills, how to deal with your nervousness, self-doubt, and how to completely DESTROY approach anxiety and other psychological barriers and insecurities that prevent most guys from achieving greatness and abundance with women! It shows you a quick way to stop putting women on pedestals and how to engage with them as equals, as people - without fear, all while being a genuine and authentic guy who's a flirty tease! Furthermore, it shows you how to change your mindsets and beliefs; removing old flawed ones and incorporating new and powerful ones - and even contains full examples of dates that I have transcribed from recorded audio, from start to finish - to show you exactly what needs to happen and how things work.


It will help you realize what you have been doing wrong all of these years and why you haven't been getting a lot of success and as much sex as you want! It will help you stop being jealous of all the "Bad Boys" who sleep around while you're jerking off alone at home - because you'll be the one that women want now!


how to get a girlfriend


Would that be something you're interested in? Imagine being able to date and seduce the women of your dreams, consistently! Imagine right now, while you're reading the following words, being able to develop yourself and your personality to such a degree that you will feel calm, cool, relaxed and confident when talking to people in general, and women will naturally find you attractive! Imagine knowing exactly what to do to have sex on your next first date, or even the second one!


So now, just sit back, and read every word on this page…

Because in the next 5 minutes I'm going to reveal to you…


A Revolutionary New Dating System To Quickly Learn How To Get Laid On The First Date, With The Women You Want- GUARANTEED!


And you can try this system for FREE, today, because it's backed by a full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! If it doesn't help you get laid with the next few girls who you go on a date with, you can simply write me an e-mail and I will give you your money back, no hassles, no questions asked!


I wish back when I was struggling someone would come along and give me an offer like that - I would have jumped at the chance! So, stop wasting your time doing everything on your own and trying to reinvent the wheel with years of trial and error, and get professional help from someone who knows what he's doing and has taught hundreds of guys how to get their dating and love life handled - get help from me!

Seriously, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

You Can Discover How to Consistently Get Laid, How to Talk to Girls and How to Get a Girlfriend Without Having to Study Seduction Material for Many Long Years!

You may be thinking to yourself - "Why spend money on this when I can just learn everything on my own?"

Well, to be blunt - you were already doing things on your own up until today...

So, are you HAPPY with your current results? Are you happy with the amount of sex you're getting at this moment? How much money did you already spend on dates that went nowhere fast, never again to see the girl?

If you're reading this page, chances are that you're nowhere close to being happy with your current situation, and already wasted lots of your money on awful dates, and that's why you've come here seeking my help.

And I don't blame you for wanting to do this, because to crack the code of attraction and seduction on your own, it would take an average man around a decade of doing everything by trial and error! And even then there's no guarantee that he'll be successful in the end, and not succumb to immense stress and depression!

Fact is, I've spent more than 10 years learning all of this, so you don't have to!

I have compiled it all into a Guide that will help you solve your dating problems and make you into a naturally attractive man!

There's far too many guys out there in the world who are lonely and sad, and aren't enjoying much success with women at all, so I've decided to do my best to help them get to the place they want to be, either through personal coaching or through my material!

Having your choice of women is a phenomenal feeling and a wonderful way to live - so join the ranks of hundreds upon hundreds of guys who have already successfully helped themselves with this new system to get the girls that they've always dreamed of!

You can learn all of this in the next few days, simply by reading The Saulis Dating Guide, and then APPLYING the material inside!

For the price of a date or a night out, you can learn how to consistently get laid on the first date, and drastically improve your results in a quick and easy way, so you can start enjoying enormous success that has eluded you up until now!

Time is the most precious commodity we have in life - so spend yours wisely and don't get left behind, while others have all the fun!

Getting this guide will be one of the smartest investments you will ever make in yourself because success with women will help you become successful at everything else. That's because developing your social skills will help you with anything that involves other people - and since we're living on a planet with 7.5+ Billion others - that's pretty much everything!

Happy Couple in Bedroom Saulisdating

Simply put - This book will shave YEARS off of studying the art of attraction and seduction - and will save you a lot of time!

And, if you're not happy with the results, you can simply e-mail me before the 30 days are up, and I'll refund your entire purchase!

This guide is about improving yourself as a person, about becoming a sex-worthy man, and about being genuine and authentic with women. Here is a small sample of what it contains:


GreencheckReal and practical information that you can use on your very next date to change its outcome and ensure your success.

GreencheckEverything that you need to say and do on your dates in order to attract and seduce the girl, and get laid.

GreencheckHow to carry and groom yourself, how to become comfortable in your own skin and develop your Masculinity.

GreencheckHow to become outcome independent, confident, fun, and exciting on your dates - plus many other attributes of a sex-worthy man!

GreencheckHow to turn a girl on with your conversation and physicality so that she will want to sleep with you at the end of the date.

GreencheckEverything you need to know to successfully and quickly build attraction, sexual tension, comfort, trust, and rapport with a girl - the main things that get you laid.

GreencheckThe Complete Blueprint of a Successful Date - from start to finish! From meeting the girl to attracting her, seducing her and eventually taking her home!

GreencheckHow to effectively Tease and Flirt with girls, as well as how to get past any Last Minute Resistance that a girl might put up just before sex.

GreencheckFive little known yet very important reasons why you fail to grab the girl's attention and spark any attraction during your dates!

GreencheckThe biggest attraction-killing mistakes that most guys make on dates, and how to completely avoid them!

GreencheckEffective and repeatable mental and practical techniques to quickly deal with anxiety, nervousness, self-doubt, and fear!

GreencheckConversation techniques to essentially never run out of things to say when you're talking to women!

GreencheckThe one thing you must do to command attention during your dates!

GreencheckNew powerful teasing techniques that are guaranteed to spike massive attraction and lust from any girl, when done correctly!

GreencheckAnd, most importantly, how to set up a genuine and authentic frame with the girls that you date, so that they're always honest with you, trust you, and feel as if they've known you forever.

GreencheckAll that and more, without any BS pickup lines, overused tricks, or awkward gimmicks.


Another Happy Couple Saulisdating


In essence, this is a self-help book that teaches you how to become a more attractive and masculine person in general, and gives you a ton of actual proven and effective techniques and tips to help you get laid whenever you want - stuff that anyone can follow, no matter your current level of success and skills!

It also contains several examples of FULL DATES, from start to finish, which I have transcribed from recordings of my own dates, so that you can get a feel for the whole thing, and see how things are supposed to function, and what needs to happen.

I will not tell you that there is some "magic trick" or "secret technique" that will make all the girls want you - because those are bullshit and don't exist!

What I will do is teach you everything you need to know to improve your personality and your game to be able to attract and seduce the women that you want. I'll also give you the exact and repeatable pattern that I've personally used on literally hundreds of girls to take them home and sleep with them on the first date!

However, this is not a magic pill, and you won't instantly turn into a "chick-magnet" the moment you read it! You will have to read, comprehend, and after a couple of "Aha!" moments, APPLY everything in it and internalize all of it though action - otherwise, you'll get nowhere! That's because everything in life that's worth having takes time and effort!

But if you got this far, I believe that you're serious about this and genuinely want to learn and better yourself.

Luckily for you, this in-depth book will streamline your learning process from several long years, to weeks, or even days, depending on how much free time you have, your work ethic, and your current level of success!

At over 70,000 words it is chock-full of new and valuable knowledge, techniques and secret insights into attraction and seduction! If you learn and apply them - they will work!

Let me share my expertise with you and open your world to an abundance of women! Or give you your money back!


So, how much do you think all of this information is worth? We all know that valuable knowledge that helps you solve a problem in a quick and efficient manner doesn't come cheap!

Seriously, a lot of guys spend thousands of dollars hiring coaches to get this handled. A normal bootcamp usually costs 1500-3500$!

Similar types of guides typically sell for hundreds of dollars on other websites by self-proclaimed "pickup gurus" who promise you their "super secret technique" that will make all the girls crave you and instantly fall in love with you.

I am far from a pick-up guru, but after being on thousands upon thousands of dates with women from all around the world - I know what works and what doesn't.

If you've read books like "The Game" by Neil Strauss, or followed the Mystery Method, or any other similar courses, and thought that they were too gimicky, manipulative, and rigid - devoid of honesty, authenticity, and decent human interaction - then The Saulis Dating Guide is perfect for you!

After years of learning all of this, I noticed a distinct problem in the seduction community - the vast majority of the available material in books and courses does not teach you how to be that genuine and authentic guy when you're talking to women. They teach you techniques but neglect to show you the fundamentals which change your behavior at its core, to make those techniques work.

My guide book teaches you a new way to become a naturally attractive man who makes it a point to be authentic and genuine with everyone he meets, essentially relying on yourself and your personality, wit, and sense of humor, rather than pick-up lines and routines, to attract and seduce beautiful women!

I don't make any wild claims and instead provide real value, with realistic and consistent results by using material that has been extensively and successfully tested by hundreds of people! I strive to shift your beliefs, create new mindsets and expand your horizons. But I don't forget to give you effective techniques that complement those things as well!

And since I'm a reasonable man, my Guide comes at an affordable price that doesn't break your bank.

For the price of a good night out you can learn something that will have an impact on the rest of your life!

Honestly, I'll even brag about this - I constantly get emails from guys like you, telling me that I have changed their life completely! It feels fucking awesome getting these emails, and fills me with joy!

The book is also backed by a 100% money-back guarantee - so you can buy it because I don't sell bullshit and won't scam you.

I know how it feels to be down in the dumps, thinking that I'll never get a girlfriend or any sex and intimacy because I'm hopeless. I have experienced it, believe you me, and that's why I want you to avoid feeling that as much as you do!

So let me help you, and I promise that no matter what level of success with women you are currently at - you'll become significantly better at it - or get your money back. That's how confident I am in my material and its capacity to help you!


Buy the Saulis Dating Guide

After you read this Guide, you will know how to attract and seduce girls, and turn plain and boring dates into incredibly fun and successful ones!

You will be able to get laid whenever you want to, or build healthy and long-lasting casual and serious relationships with the women that YOU choose!


The Guide is about attraction and seduction on Dates - and not about Pickup! There is a plethora of useful information about pickup on the Internet already; that's why this guide will focus solely on the most difficult part of seduction - The First Date! It's relatively easy to get a date - it's incredibly hard to have that date lead to something fruitful if you don't know what to do.


Also - If you don't even know HOW to get a date - then make sure to read my BLOG!

In any case, a lot of guys get phone numbers, but when they finally meet the girl, they suddenly don't know what to do and what to say to her, in order to connect with her, have a fun and exciting date, and effectively seduce her! Eventually, these kind of awkward dates fizzle out, and the guys are left alone, feeling extremely frustrated, sad and angry at themselves! They go home and fap, thinking of what could have been...

That's exactly why I've created this Guide - to help you get through this difficult time and to teach you what your parents and peers never did - how to attract and then seduce women of any caliber - and start intimate relationships with them!

It will completely change your outlook on being successful with women and will get you out of the rut. And I'm not going to lie, it will also very likely make all of your friends jealous!

The majority of material in it is completely unique and original, never before seen in any other seduction book! You can learn my personal secrets that no one will ever tell you about being great with women!

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m telling you all of this… You see for the past decade, only the incredibly wealthy could afford to hire a Professional Dating Coach to help them deal with their problems and improve their success with women. And I can tell you, we don’t come cheap to personally coach you. The average Dating Coach charges $200 an hour, and they require a 5-10 hour minimum, or a full bootcamp.


Instantly requiring you to fork out a minimum of 1000-2000$!


And I’ll be honest, YOU WON’T be able to fix all of your dating problems in just 5 or 10 hours if you're completely new to this and have too many issues that need fixing. To truly make a difference and a significant change so that you can start enjoying massive success, and consistently get laid with the women you desire… You must follow the entire BLUEPRINT in my Guide - which would cost you a STAGGERING $4,000 in private sessions, at least.


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Another Happy Couple Saulisdating


Another Happy Couple Saulisdating


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"Despite the complexity of dating process these days, this book describe all the steps very clearly. I was following a lot of PUA and reading a lot of resources like crazy! books, podcasts, videos.. And after reading this book, I don't need anymore to search for more knowlage for dating! All what I need is in the book. Attraction, seduction, sexual conversation, teasing.. and specially my best part where Andrius describe some dates and the conversations in details from meeting the girls till having sex! I can't say more, buy the book! Mohamed" [sic]

Vasilis testimonial


"Authentic and practical advice to improve yourself and your dating skills with no BS. No matter who you are this E-book will help you out on these matters." [sic]


Vasilis Stefanou is an author, men's coach and CEO of, where he helps people improve their way of life.

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"I've read this book a few months ago. Gotta say the name is kinda misleading. Of course it helps you to get laid on dates more often, but it's so much more than that. There's so much useful material inside that helps you to become a better man and build your personality. You become more fun, more interesting, feel at ease and know how to handle yourself around women. Gotta say this shit tremendously increases not only your success with women, but also your quality of life.
I also enjoyed Andy's writing style and now I'm constantly checking out his blog. Great work!" [sic]

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"Great book with amazing insights from someone who has clearly lived it. The advice is actionable and field tested. For the price of a date or a night out, the sections on mindset alone make it worth it." [sic]


P.S. When you're done having sex with the girl of your dreams after your awesome first date -

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