Oldschool pickup is dead. Completely Outplayed, Outdated and Overrated.


What most PUAs and "Dating Gurus" teach relies on playing manipulative mindgames with women. Designed to spike women's emotions artificially and get a reaction out of them so they'll like you.

Sure, it often works... but only on women with low self-esteem.

But because it's highly disingenuous and inauthentic, (and because you have to pretend to be someone you're not) it won't get you very far. Since quality women smell such bullshit a mile away and will eventually leave you!

Makes sense, right? And if you're like me, you don't want to trick women into liking you.

That's why I'm going to show you a way that's infinitely better.

A completely new and powerful way to consistently seduce women by unlocking the potential of your unique personality. And then making the most of it...

To Become A
Genuine and Authentic Sexual Man
Who Women LOVE.

And doing so isn't as difficult as you may think, believe me.


how to have an awesome first date saulisdating


So You want to GET LAID A LOT but you don't really know how to do that?


My friend, I'm sure that just like me, you've sometimes thought about how someone like you is supposed to have many beautiful women in your life. Women who obsess over you, want to have sex with you and be your girlfriend or fuckbuddy.

You may have even thought you lack something fundamental that other successful guys have, which prevents you from living a life of being naturally amazing with women. And you want to know what that secret is, right?

Because let's face it; pretty much every single and straight guy would like to have the ability to meet, date and sleep with as many beautiful women as he wants, yeah?

Well, what's stopping you from BECOMING that guy who has many sexual relationships with lots of beautiful women?

Here's what: Lack of specific knowledge that's been tried, tested and proven to work, which you can easily replicate to get the results you desire.

What I'm saying is it's NOT YOUR FAULT if you're not yet as successful with women as you want to be.

You just didn’t know how, and that’s what’s been holding you back!


The Raw Truth About Pickup


Here's something most "pickup gurus" won't ever let you know.

Since most stuff about pickup is tailored to the masses, requires you to memorize lines and techniques and then FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT by pretending to be someone you're not, it will fail most people.

That's because there's simply too much confusing and even conflicting information about seduction and dating, everywhere you look.

Women say "Just be nice and be yourself and it will work out..."

Magazines say you have to have perfect abs and own expensive watches and clothes to be successful with women...

Pickup gurus say you need to memorize lines, techniques and routines to get attraction from women... without actually teaching you the fundamental and underlying principles behind why those things would even work...

Hollywood movies, romance novels and tv-shows say you have to bring flowers and chocolates on your dates. Then do your best to impress women, fulfill their every wish and whim and hope for the day they see you for "who you really are" and somehow want to have sex with you... just because they suddenly realize something? Yeah, sure!

You see what I'm getting at? There's so much bad advice floating around from people who have no idea what they're talking about that it's scrambling your brain and making things even worse!

On top of that, I bet no one you know has taught you what you need to do to seduce women successfully and get laid on your dates. Not your friends, not your peers, and certainly not your parents!

But all of this is about to change...

Because you're about to access very powerful and valuable knowledge that'll provide you with an endless stream of beautiful and high-quality women into your life, even if you think you're an introvert.

And it works so well and is so easy to learn, even an complete idiot could master it in just a few days and then apply this powerful knowledge to get laid when going on dates...

Believe me, becoming truly successful with women and having a wonderful dating life will lift a huge load off your shoulders!

It lets you enjoy sexual abundance and empowers you to choose the perfect girlfriend YOU want...  Instead of ending up with someone who's wrong for you simply out of desperation and lack of options.

And once you get this part of your life handled, you'll be free to focus on other important things in life!

Imagine not having to worry about women ever again because you understand how true attraction and seduction works...

Imagine finally getting over the maddening hurdles of anxiety, fear, nervousness, shyness and even shame... and being able to talk with women openly, (as equals) so you can both enjoy your time together to the fullest... because you'll know these women will like you for YOU and will be open and honest with you.

Imagine what it's like to have so many fuckbuddies and friends with benefits, you can just call them up and have sex anytime you want... And most of them will gladly want to become your girlfriend if you ever want to take things to the next level... because they love being around you...

And finally, imagine what it's like to be able to talk freely with women about sex (without shame)... so they'll want to share their dirtiest and naughtiest fantasies with you themselves... for you to try out in bed together... and then just think of all the possibilities.

Think of the power and status in life you'll get when you know you can seduce virtually every women you go on a date with. The respect you know you deserve from both women and men will finally be there. Because people will start asking you how you're getting all these hot women in your life!

Well, personally I don't have to imagine this type of life because I've been living it for over a decade now. 

And with my help and this new opportunity I'm about to show you, You'll start living this life of sexual abundance very soon, too... If you're ready.


Are you ready for this?


So here's the deal: Anyone, including you, can have amazing dates where the girl enjoys your company so much, she'll want to sleep with you HERSELF by the end!

Because at the core of it all, we're all just people... Even the hottest girls you can meet.

But you'll only be able to do this if you're truly serious about getting this part of your life handled...

Because as much as it pains me, there's no instant fix and no magic potion to instantly make all girls want you.

Everything worth having in life takes time and effort to develop. And anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying to you or wants to scam you out of your money.

So, are YOU truly serious about getting this part of your life handled TODAY, once and for all?


how to have a great first date


I hope the answer is yes.

Because if you don't want to help yourself, then you can go back to blaming your looks, lack of riches, crippling anxiety and everything else for your lack of success.

But the hard-to-swallow truth is, nobody gives a damn! You either decide to help yourself and then do it or you get nothing.

Women love men who are action takers and who take control of their lives. Women ADORE men who aren't pussies that only WISH they had what other successful guys have, without doing anything about it!

That said, this valuable knowledge is not for everyone! It's not for procrastinators, losers or those who only whine and sit home on their ass all day! You gotta be a serious student, you gotta take this seriously and you must want to take full control of your dating life.

So if you're truly serious about this and are still reading, then you're in for a treat!


Here's why I'm the perfect person to show you how to have a great first date every time.


If you haven't already heard about me from my numerous works, then let me re-introduce myself to you.

My name's Andrius (just call me Andy). I'm from Europe and I want to share a quick personal story with you, to show you...

How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Dating


how to talk to girls


That's a recent picture of me with my girlfriend and our lover.

But I didn't always live a life of abundance with women. I spent most of my time playing video games when I was a kid, so I didn't have good social skills growing up. I was the typical awkward, anxiety-ridden, frustrated Nerd...

I really wanted to have a girlfriend, but no matter what I did, nothing seemed to work... and girls always passed me up for other guys...

No matter how many dates I went on, I just couldn’t figure out how to attract and seduce women successfully. Which, I'm ashamed to admit, made me start thinking all women are bitches who never go for the "Nice Guy."

I also felt like there must be something terribly wrong with me... And it made me feel lonely, angry and hopeless!

It felt like I was a deeply broken person, stuck and sinking in a bottomless pit of tar with no hopes of escape. I felt paralyzed and doomed to a life of loneliness and being a virgin forever...

That's because I started out with zero knowledge, was too afraid to ask for help, made every dating mistake known to man and got zero results.

I also wasted a ton of money and time by going on dates that didn’t lead to anything. Sometimes spending most of the money I had on extravagant evenings, never to hear from the girl again. Thinking I needed to impress women to have them like me and to get laid...

Does that sound familiar?

Basically, I was your typical wimpy “Nice Guy” who had absolutely NO CLUE how attraction and seduction really works... And what women actually want and look for in a man.

And the worst part was, I couldn’t talk to anyone about it, for fear of being judged harshly and be thought of as less of a man. Because it was so embarassing to admit I was a loser who sucked with women.

This made me feel so frustrated and pathetic that I often cried myself to sleep, after each bad encounter with a girl I liked. It was a truly brutal period of my life and I would never wish this pain on anyone...

But then I realized something... Namely, that nobody gives a shit!

I realized that if I don't take responsibility for myself and take control of my life and figure this thing out... I'll definitely end up a lonely and bitter virgin.

So one day, after thinking “Enough is ENOUGH!” I decided to learn everything there was to learn about how to seduce women successfully. I ate my pride and began studying pickup, seduction and the psychology of attraction from any source I could get my hands on. I made becoming amazing with women my priority... And I learned a LOT of useful stuff during the next few years which actually worked!

After a few years, I finally had some women in my life and had regular sex and was... still not that happy?

Wait, what? How could I not be happy when I finally got what I wanted?

Well, the truth is, I wasn't really happy because most of the things I learned and used to get women seemed to be too manipulative and unethical to me. Like I was tricking women into sleeping with me.

And I'd be lying if I said I didn't use these manipulative tactics at first, to sleep with quite a lot of girls...

But once the novelty of having sex almost every day wore off... I started to feel empty inside. Because I knew this wasn't a good way to get to my goal of becoming amazing with women. Since some of them didn't actually like me for who I was and instead liked me for who I pretended to be... Only to leave me later...

After this painful but enlightening realization, I decided to create my own style of pickup and seduction.

A style where I would never have to manipulate women into having sex with me. And instead become a man who's worthy of sex and who women would ADORE, OBSESS OVER and want to sleep with themselves, exactly because of who I was, and not despite of it.

So I did my best to "unlearn" everything but the absolute basics. And went off to improvise and experiment in the field. By approaching thousands of women, getting their numbers and going on thousands of dates.

Yes, I don't exaggerate when I say thousands!

During weekends, I'd go to busy spots and approach 30-50 attractive women each day and get tons of numbers to later set up dates. This usually meant 3-4 different dates PER DAY, nearly every weekday. Over a decade that quickly adds up!

And man oh man, do I have stories to tell!

I did this until I found and developed a way to attract, seduce and sleep with women that works without fail. Which also suited me and my ethical standards.

A way to seduce and sleep with virtually every woman you go on a date with, by being a Genuine, Authentic and Sexual Man who relies on his unique personality. Without having to trick and manipulate women into liking you at all.

Now, what if I told you I’ve created this EXACT solution and made it into a very simple system? Something anyone can repeat and get massive results with right away.

Would that be something you're interested in?

So here's what I bring to the table:

-- I spent all of my 20s actively learning and practicing pickup and seduction in the field, amassing over a decade of extensive experience. --

-- I had severe social anxiety up until I was 20 and learned how to DEAL WITH IT. Ever since, I've been deeply interested in psychology (especially the psychology of attraction and interpersonal interaction) and became friends with several licensed Cognitive Behavioral Therapists who help me develop my work. --

-- I went on literally thousands of dates with beautiful women from around the world and saw all the same patterns of attraction emerge no matter which country I was in. --

-- I've read most of what was available on the subject of seduction and actually tested nearly all of it in the field. So I'm the one who "walks-the-walk" instead of some lame dipshit who just "talks-the-talk." --

-- Since 2016, I've successfully changed the lives of thousands of men. Either through my 1015+ articles (and counting!) with over 10,4 Million views combined on websites like Quora, Reddit, various dating forums and blogs. Or through my Book and during live coaching sessions. --

-- I lost track and stopped caring to keep count after sleeping with over 500 women. And documented most of my success with pictures and videos for my personal pleasure and to have fond memories. You'll see some of them below. --

Finally, after spending a decade learning all this, I figured there had to be millions of others who were struggling with women as well, just like I was. And if I needed at many years of mistakes to find true success, then why not help people out?

I possess this powerful information and it would be a sin for me to keep it for myself and take it to my grave.

So I took SEVERAL MONTHS from my life and my work to lock myself in my room, sit at my desk with a laptop, a pen and a notebook, and deconstruct everything which made me so unbelievably successful with women.

Seriously, my friends and family COULD NOT BELIEVE how many gorgeous women were now in my life. My roommates were often jealous after seeing me take one after another, or even several girls at once to my room and have sex with them, almost every day!

Looking back, it was difficult to believe how far I've come after being an utter joke with women for so long...

So I analyzed all of my experiences and reviewed my seduction process in great depth. I went over each detail meticulously until I could see and understand all of my knowledge and why it works with complete clarity. And until I could explain all of the underlying principles and laws of attraction in a very straightforward and easy way.

Finally, I boiled everything down into a very simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step System ANYONE can learn and follow.

I know this because I gave it away for free to a few friends and acquaintances to test it out. And their results changed dramatically... All of them who didn't have a girlfriend got one... and some created a harem full of fuckbuddies to sleep with...

Now, I'm far from a dating guru and I've never even dreamed of understanding and being able to teach this stuff when I was young.

But now I can say with complete confidence that I have the full knowledge and knowhow to make a massive improvement in the dating lives of other men. Because I've been doing just that since 2016 as you'll see from some of the testimonials below...

I pride myself on having changed the lives of so many men by successfully teaching them how they can get girlfriends, fuckbuddies, lovers and even wives.

I pride myself on my long relationships with clients and on doing what's necessary to get them to a level with women they’re completely happy with. And I also pride myself on doing my best to help every single guy who writes to me, even if some of them can't afford it...

My vision is to educate all men who have never been taught how to be successful with women and are really suffering because of it. So that they never have to worry about being lonely again and not experiencing the happiness of having an awesome girlfriend or lover.

Would you like such success with women as well? 

Then you're going to LOVE this new opportunity!


THIS BOOK REVEALS THE FULL SYSTEM OF HOW I GOT LAID ON NEARLY EVERY FIRST DATE WITH GORGEOUS WOMEN... and it's yours for less than the cost of a single dinner date!


Here's some of what you'll get from reading The Saulis Dating Book on how to have a great first date and get laid virtually every time:

Greencheck The Complete, Step-by-Step Blueprint of a Successful Date: From meeting the girl on your date to attracting her, connecting with her, seducing her and taking her home!

Greencheck How to fix your Body Language, Tone of Voice, Posture and Eye Contact without spending several months practicing it, instantly improving by tenfold how attractive women perceive you to be! (This one thing alone is worth the price of the book!)

Greencheck Insider Secrets from World-Class Seducer on how to quickly build Attraction, Sexual Tension, Comfort, Trust, and Rapport with women on dates -- The main things that make women addicted to you and get you laid!

Greencheck Two full examples of voice-recorded and then transcribed dates, from start to finish, which show exactly how I got laid using my System from start to finish, with very insightful comments along the way!

Greencheck Something CRUCIAL you must do to decisively deal with fear, anxiety and other insecurities which hold men back from talking and flirting with any woman successfully!

Greencheck A full section on getting into the proper mindset before going on a date (which will help increase your chances of success tremendously!)

Greencheck The single best way ever discovered to get women interested in you and your hobbies! (even if they're nerdy or geeky)

Greencheck The trick to becoming comfortable in your own skin and developing your masculinity without changing yourself or acting fake!

Greencheck How to become outcome independent, confident, fun and exciting on dates by doing something most men don't dare to do! (the answer is very surprising and completely counter-intuitive)

Greencheck How to turn a girl on with your physicality and sexual conversation to create MASSIVE sexual tension, so she'll want to sleep with you HERSELF by the end of the date!

Greencheck How to effectively Tease and Flirt with girls, and then obliterate any Shit-Tests they may throw at you to test your character and resolve!

Greencheck The biggest and deadliest attraction-killing mistakes guys make on dates you MUST avoid on dates (or your date will be over and the girl will never sleep with you)

Greencheck How to overcome the single most difficult aspect of taking the girl home and how to easily deal with any Last Minute Resistance she might put up just before sex, using two unique and unknown but ridiculously effective techniques I personally developed!

Greencheck Specific conversation techniques to essentially never run out of things to say when talking to women on a date, even if you hate small talk or are naturally introverted!

Greencheck The one CRITICAL thing you must do to command attention and respect during your dates so that women take you seriously!

Greencheck Several powerful ways of teasing women that are guaranteed to spike enormous attraction and lust from any girl!

Greencheck And, most importantly, how to set up a Genuine and Authentic frame with the girls you date, so they like you for you, are always honest with you, trust you, and feel as if they've known you forever (THE MOST IMPORTANT THING in all of seduction which will change the way you interact with all women forever!)

Would you like to be able to do all of the above to sleep with as many women as you want?

Well, these are just some of the things you'll learn from my book! You'll also get to see the exact and repeatable pattern I've personally used on literally hundreds of girls to take them to from the venue straight into your bed.

Once you know all this and apply it on your next date with the girl you like... As if by magic, she'll want to sleep with you HERSELF! In fact, if you do it right, she'll be BEGGING YOU to take her back to your place or will sometimes even suggest you go to hers!

And after you sleep with her, she'll want to meet you again and again, and again... because she'll enjoy your company so much during your successful first date, she'll start thinking you're her SOULMATE!

Sounds awesome, doesn't it?

Seriously, this is some really powerful stuff. So I hope you're someone who's honest and upfront about wanting casual sex with women you meet and then have great first dates with. Because most women will want you to be their boyfriend after you sleep with them, and will get really angry at you if you lied about your intentions.

This happens time and time again after guys go through The Saulis Dating Guide and finally understand how to have successful first dates the best way.

I'll never get tired of getting all the different success stories from changed men who previously thought they were HOPELESS. But who now write to me about yet another amazing first date they had and how they ended up sleeping with a really hot girl. Here are just a few of them (edited for grammar mistakes), with more to follow.

“You're the MAN! I got your book in February and already slept with 27 new women and the year isn't even over yet! I owe you my success!” - Stephen D., Miami, FL, July 2018

"Following your guide I got a girlfriend in a very short amount of time! Thanks!" – Mark L., Manchester, United Kingdom, January 2019

“Hello Andy, I can't say enough good things about your system! Within days, I slept with the girl I've been trying to get for over half a year! I couldn’t believe it thank you so much! I asked her to go get lunch with me and ended up banging her that same night!” - Jeffrey E., Los Angeles, CA, December 2018

“Andrius, I'm constantly amazed at how you have continuously helped me get new women in my life. You are my hero and I can't thank you enough.” - Robert E., New York City, NY, January 2017

“Andy, I got two new friends with benefits girls in less than one month, with several other prospects in the works. If you ever come to Oslo I want to buy you a drink!” - Torbjørn L., Oslo, Norway, August 2017


Even women say my material is great:


Saulis Dating Guide review


Isn't that awesome!? Do you see the power of what I'm showing you?

Do you want to be the next success story? 


Here's More Undeniable Proof This Works!


At first, I didn't want to do this. As much as I love and respect women, bragging about sleeping with them and using naked pictures of my ex-girlfriends and lovers to seemingly sell my book to horny dudes may easily come off as cheap and can contradict my message of treating women as real people and being honest, genuine, and authentic.

However, I fully understand that some people need and want undeniable proof something works before buying it. Or they'll think I'm fake and a fraud who's only spouting garbage and hasn't actually done anything I've written about.

So, here's a VERY SMALL sample of my ex-girlfriends/lovers/fwbs, taken from my personal 55+Gb collection of thousands of pictures and videos. Posted with their consent, to really show you what's possible:


Proof that Saulis Dating Guide works


Yes, that's me in the top picture, having a threesome with my girlfriend and one of our lovers, a beautiful Russian model.

By getting The Saulis Dating Guide on How To Consistently Get Laid On The First Date, you can easily get this level of success and soon start making your own collection of your best memories with your lovers. 

This is the Next Generation of Pickup and Seduction -- being your Genuine and Authentic self while exuding a flirty and sexual vibe.

You get the girl not by using "tricks" and "lines," but rather by supercharging your natural personality, wit, charm and humor and then engaging with her as equals. So she actually likes you for YOU.

So with that said, I can promise you one thing: No matter what level of success with women you're currently at, by investing in yourself and reading my book, and then applying the material inside on your dates, you'll quickly notice much better results.

And if by any chance you don't . . .

I Provide A Solid, No Questions Asked, Full 365-Day Money Back Guarantee!

SaulisDating Money Back Guarantee

Yes, I believe in my work and it's ability to transform your life SO MUCH that I'll put my money where my mouth is and offer an insane, ONE-YEAR GUARANTEE!

I wish back when I was struggling, someone would have come along and gave me an offer like that -- I would have jumped at the chance!

So seize the opportunity and invest in yourself now, RISK FREE, to finally get the success with women you deserve! 


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How to have a great first date every time


Listen: I'm sure you probably have a few girls RIGHT NOW who you're very interested in . . . So don't screw this up!

If you meet them and do the usual stuff that doesn't work, you're just going to end up exactly where you are right now -- frustrated, alone and more likely than not, completely miserable . . .

I understand completely how fucked up that feels because I was at that place before. Where you're almost ready to give up on yourself and on dating. Because you believe there's something wrong with you and that you're unworthy of love.

Screw that feeling of helpesless! I don't want you or anyone else to feel that way and miss out on all the fun you could be having with many different women! I don't want you to lose great relationship opportunities when it's so easy to have it all, once you understand how authentic seduction works and how to have a great first date.

Back when I was starting out, I used to think sleeping with many beautiful women was only reserved for the most handsome, rich, popular, famous, talented, confident and muscular guys.

Then I went from being a virgin at 20 (which I was really ashamed of admitting at first), to sleeping with hundreds of women every year, just by using the incredibly powerful and valuable knowledge from The Saulis Dating Guide you're about to learn.

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Get It Right Now To Create An Endless Flow Of Hot Women Into Your Bed -- Backed by a Full 365-Day No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee! 


Another Happy Couple Saulisdating


The BIG SECRET to Success with Women and what to do on the first date


Here's the BIG SECRET to extraordinary success with women:

It's not how good you look, it's not the things you have or the lines you say that'll make women fall in love with you -- it's all about how you can make women FEEL around you!

And that's exactly what you'll learn with my material and knowledge -- How to make women feel AMAZING when they're around you. And how to have a great first date every single time.

With my help, you'll learn this in a matter of days!

Can you imagine what a shortcut this will be to your success?

No more sexual frustration, involuntary celibacy or jerking off home alone while others get to have all the fun . . .

No more wasted time and money on endless dates that go nowhere . . .

Trust me; it's better to spend a few days learning all this right now than to spend a decade trying to figure it all out on your own . . . Or to neglect this part of your life completely and end up being jealous of everyone else who gets laid and has a girlfriend . . .

I took that decade and did all the necessary work so you don't have to.

So now it's time for you to stop missing out on life!

My friend, if you want this opportunity to have as many casual or serious relationships as you want with the women YOU choose, all you have to do is take it. Right now. By doing the smart thing and investing in yourself and getting the book!


Use My Revolutionary New Dating System To Have Sex On The First Date


Buy the Saulis Dating Guide


how to have a successful first date


Simply put, my book will shave YEARS off of studying the art of attraction and seduction

It'll also save you a huge amount of time that you'll be able to use on something else you enjoy!

And if you're not happy with the results, tell me and I'll refund your entire purchase! Because I will absolutely not scam people out of their money.

My reputation and integrity are more important to me than an extra couple of sales.

You may be thinking to yourself: "Why spend money on this when I can just learn everything on my own?"

Well, to be blunt -- you were already doing things on your own up until today . . . How's that been working out for you?

Truth be told, to crack the code of attraction and seduction on your own, it would take an average man 3 to 10 years of constant work and doing everything by trial and error. And even then there's no guarantee you'll be successful and not succumb to immense stress and depression of rejection after rejection.

So, don't waste your time anymore if things haven't been working out for you so far. Get my professional help, right now, risk free, and skip all those years of learning! 

When you do this, your life's going to change completely. You'll be able to build amazing connections with women on your dates, have tons of fun and get as much sex as you desire. 


Happy Couple in Bedroom Saulisdating

Let's talk about Price!

Obviously, I don't teach people for free because I value my time and my work.

So, how much do you think all this valuable information is worth?

We all know valuable knowledge that helps solve a real problem quickly and efficiently doesn't come cheap!

Plenty of guys spend thousands of dollars hiring coaches to help them with women. A normal pickup bootcamp or seminar with a decent coach usually costs around $1500-$5000!

Similar types of guides typically sell for hundreds of dollars on other websites by self-proclaimed "pickup gurus" who promise you their "super secret technique" that'll make all girls crave you and instantly fall in love with you.

I am far from a pick-up guru and I don't claim to be the best at this. But after being on thousands of dates and sleeping with hundreds of women. Then teaching countless guys and seeing their results first hand, I know my stuff works and works well!

I don't make any wild claims and instead provide real value, as you can clearly see from my articles all across the web.

And since I'm a reasonable man, my Book comes at an affordable price which doesn't break your bank. It simply reflects the hard work I've put into this.

For the price of a decent night out you can learn something that'll have a lasting impact on the rest of your life!

You can now afford to learn everything!


You see, for the past decade, only the incredibly wealthy could afford to hire a Professional Dating Coach to help them deal with their problems and improve their success with women. And I can tell you, we don’t come cheap to personally coach you.


Most Dating Coaches charge $200 an hour and they require a 5-10 hour minimum, or a full bootcamp.


Instantly requiring you to fork over a minimum of $1000 to $2000!


And I’ll be honest, you won't be able to fix all your dating problems in just 5 or 10 hours if you're completely new to this and have too many issues which need fixing.


To truly make a difference and a significant change . . . You'd have to get enough lessons to cover my entire BLUEPRINT, which would be 20+ hours and likely cost you a STAGGERING $4,000 in private sessions, at least.


My private lessons are definitely not for everyone! They're only for people who value their time and have lots of extra money to spend to get what they want as quickly as possible. And who want personal 1-on-1 coaching to help them deal with their dating problems in the most efficient manner.


That's why getting The Saulis Dating Guide is a much more affordable option because you'll get at least 20+ hours worth of material inside, easily worth more than $4000 in private lessons, for just a small fraction of the price!


Essentially, it's my distilled knowledge on how to have a great first date so women will fall HARD for you. Cramped into a tight package which is designed purely to help you achieve your goals with the opposite sex and get you laid as fast as possible!


My initial plan was to sell it for $100 but I decided not to do that because then it wouldn't reach many guys in their early 20s who are struggling with women the most and don't yet have a lot of cash.


Now this Guide is featured on Smashwords, Amazon and other major distributors for $44+. But you can buy it directly from my website for less, by clicking the "BUY NOW" button at the bottom of this page.


Only $39, for $4000+ worth of material (valued in consultation fees) that'll save you YEARS of learning!


Another Happy Couple Saulisdating


Another Happy Couple Saulisdating



Get The Book Now To Also Receive Access To These Awesome Bonuses:


Greencheck A report on the exact mindset to overcome Neediness and Approval-Seeking Behavior (which are two of the biggest attraction-killers!)


Greencheck Crucial lesson on how to stop caring about what others think of you!


Greencheck A section on how to embrace your passions and why they're important in seduction!


Greencheck The exact reason why women go for Bad Boys and how you can adapt their most useful behavior.


Greencheck Vitally important lessons containing exact techniques to help deal with shyness, approach anxiety, awkwardness, nervousness and more!


At just over 77,000 words, the Book's chock-full of new and valuable knowledge, techniques and my secret insights into attraction and seduction, not available anywhere else!


If you learn and then apply them - THEY WILL WORK! Or you'll get your money back without questions.


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Mohamed S.:

"Despite the complexity of dating process these days, this book describe all the steps very clearly. I was following a lot of PUA and reading a lot of resources like crazy! books, podcasts, videos.. And after reading this book, I don't need anymore to search for more knowlage for dating! All what I need is in the book. Attraction, seduction, sexual conversation, teasing.. and specially my best part where Andrius describe some dates and the conversations in details from meeting the girls till having sex! I can't say more, buy the book! Mohamed" [sic]


"Authentic and practical advice to improve yourself and your dating skills with no BS. No matter who you are this E-book will help you out on these matters." [sic]


Vasilis Stefanou is an author, men's coach and CEO of www.thelifeupgrades.com, where he helps people improve their way of life.


"I've read this book a few months ago. Gotta say the name is kinda misleading. Of course it helps you to get laid on dates more often, but it's so much more than that. There's so much useful material inside that helps you to become a better man and build your personality. You become more fun, more interesting, feel at ease and know how to handle yourself around women. Gotta say this shit tremendously increases not only your success with women, but also your quality of life.
I also enjoyed Andy's writing style and now I'm constantly checking out his blog. Great work!" [sic]


"Great book with amazing insights from someone who has clearly lived it. The advice is actionable and field tested. For the price of a date or a night out, the sections on mindset alone make it worth it." [sic]


P.S. When you're done having sex with the girl of your dreams after your awesome first date, drop me a line and tell me how the date went!


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